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One Decision

This question was projected on the screen at a conference I was at about a week ago.   I think it’s an interesting thought.

What is your 1 decision that will make 1000?

What the presenter was getting at, was the idea, that in life we can sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the choices and options and intentional action-taking.  But sometimes we can make 1 decision that make the next 1000 decisions either easier or unnecessary.

For example, once we decide on our priorities with either our time or money, it’s much easier to decide how to respond to various requests and opportunities.  If you make a budget, you don’t have to decide each day whether or not to buy a coffee; it’s either in your budget or it’s not.  If you decide spending more time with your family is a priority, it means you need to say “no” to spending time on something else.

So what 1 decision do you need to make, that will make the next 1000 decisions unnecessary or easier?


we is me

This week I was reminded that when I talk about things that “we should” do, whether as a group, committee, community, or society, that “we” also includes “me”.  It can be tempting to think that someone else will make the change, someone else will implement the idea, someone else will initiate the activity, someone else will make our world a better place.

But guess what… “we” is “me”.

I can’t sit around waiting for someone else to do any of these things.  If I really care, then I need to take action myself.  I need to do the things I say “you should…” or “we should”…

And if I don’t take action, perhaps it’s not as important to me as I think it is.

Every day is a new day

Everyday is a new day.

A day to try again.

A day to make a fresh start.

A day to build on what you did well yesterday.

A day to become more of who you want to be.

A day to regroup and let of go of something you have been holding onto.

Some days these thoughts feel like pressure.

Some days these thoughts are freeing.

what is my gut telling me?

“They” say to trust your gut.

But sometimes I really can’t tell what my gut is telling me.

Is my discomfort with something a sign that I should avoid the situation or the person or that the decision is wrong?

Or is my discomfort with something a sign that I should lean into the situation or person or decision, so I grow and it becomes easier?

Sometimes I wish my gut spoke a bit more clearly (ideally in English).

The stories we tell ourselves

“What happens to us matters a great deal, but even more powerful are the stories we repeat about what happened.”

The narrative in our heads is very powerful.

We fill our heads with the stories about the things that aren’t going well, the people who didn’t respond as we wished, the negative side of life.  Or we can fill our heads with the stories of moments of grace, glimpses of beauty, humour in the face of adversity.

We choose which stories we repeat and re-tell.  We can also choose which stories to forget.

The stories in our heads are very powerful.


unplanned and achieved

I love goals!  I love having goals, I love talking about goals, I love hearing about other people’s goals, I love encouraging people to have goals, I love celebrating with people when they achieve their goals.

Many people set new years resolutions (aka goals) for the year in early January.  Others set goals for their year in September.  Other set them around their birthday.  As I’ve said in the past, I think it’s more important to think about and write down your goals than it is to do it at a specific time of year.  I finally jotted down some goals for 2019 the other day.

Last week I was reminded, that some of the most amazing things that happen to us, that we are proud of, that we share and celebrate with others are the things that we never planned, but still achieved.  Looking back on a specific period of time, the “unplanned and achieved” list may be much longer than the “planned and achieved list”.  (And I hope it’s longer than the planned and unachieved list; but those things are okay too).

Sometimes we need to let go of the things we have let go of the planned list to seize and celebrate the opportunities we never could have planned for.  All those amazing things we never saw coming and never could have planned for.  Unplanned and achieved – Always worth celebrating!

something is better than nothing

Don’t start if you can’t finish.

Give it your all.

There isn’t enough.

I won’t do it perfect so why try.

My efforts won’t change anything.


Or maybe…

Something is better than nothing.

We don’t have to be perfect, we don’t have to save the world, we don’t have to get it all done, we don’t have to finish everything we start, we don’t have to be the solution to everyone’s problem, we don’t have to aim for 110% all the time.

I believe something is better than nothing.  Do something.