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January 13, 2013

I love notebooks!  This love of notebooks means that I have lots and lots of notebooks.  I can’t go into a dollar store or walk past a discount bin at Michaels or Chapters without wanting to buy a notebook.  I have a notebook to write down the books I’ve read, one to keep track of who borrows my books and movies, one-three in my purse at any given time for writing down random things that I hear about while out and about OR will need when out and about, a Christmas notebook, an egg list notebook, a notebook with things from our trip to Winnipeg two years ago, …. you get the idea.  I also have many more empty notebooks that I am just waiting for the right topic or time worthy of the notebook’s use.   There was a point several months ago, when I decided that I could not buy any more notebooks.  But that didn’t stop me, as I logically decided that while I couldn’t have any more notebooks, I could buy them for others.  This generally works well except when I really like the notebook and don’t want to give it away.

What does this have to do with knitting and blogging you might ask.  Well I started a notebook about this project/blog.  It was a great opportunity to use a really cool notebook I got a couple of years ago that flips open from the top not the left side.  Initially, I had a few scraps of paper with blog ideas, the yarn colours and names, etc.  But having it all in one notebook is a much better solution.  I would prefer the notebook had a pocket for the extra loose papers, but I’ll cope.   I’m a bit disappointed in myself because I didn’t plan out the notebook well as I should have left a bigger section for blog ideas before adding in the notes about formatting of the content at the end of each daily blog.  Again, something I’m learning to cope with.  Some might think it doesn’t make sense to be use a notebook to keep track of an electronic method of communicating, like a blog.  But my love of notebooks is rooted in my love of paper.  And starting a blog isn’t going to change that.     Notebook

Sky Report at 9:35 am -grey and foggy

Yarn Strands: 2 greys


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  1. Marni Herold permalink

    From one notebook lover/addict to another, I fully appreciate this entry.

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