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The knitting is easy, the writing is hard

January 15, 2013

It’s true, I really do find the knitting easy.  Not only because plain old straight knitting is actually quite simple and takes very little of my brain power; but also because it only takes me 5-7 minutes each day.  I would even say it brings me joy.  However, the writing for this blog has not yet become ‘fun’.  The first week, it took often took me over an hour, to write, edit, review, question if I liked what I wrote, and to figure out all the technical stuff.   The past few days, it hasn’t taken as long, but it still takes significantly more effort than the knitting, even after getting more comfortable with the technical aspects of WordPress.  Trying new things doesn’t always come easy.  While I know this in theory; experiencing it in one’s life makes it much more real.  I’ve known how to knit since I was a little girl, so it makes sense that the knitting comes easily to me.  But I have also know how to write since I was a little girl, and it isn’t easy.   I’ve heard professionals writers comment that everyone thinks they can be a writer.  The professional writers often continue on to say that it takes more effort than many readers or wanna-be writers think.  I’m sure if I tried knitting a more complicated pattern, knitting would become challenging and not so much fun.  So I keep writing, waiting for the day when it stops feeling like work, like climbing up a large hill.  Waiting for the day when I reach the top of the writing hill and start coasting down the other side.  And as I write I remind myself of the age old truth that many things are hard until they become easy.


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  1. lindai permalink

    Your scarf is looking lovely.. I’m hoping for a run of blue for you 🙂
    Liked your reminder today. Your writing has inspired me several times, and it’s only Jan 15!

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