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Some days are diamonds….

January 18, 2013

It’s been well over a week since the office manager told a group of us at work “to have a diamond day”.   One person in the room asked what she was talking about and she said “you know the song ‘Some days are diamonds, some days are stones'”.   The John Denver lovers (sadly there were very few John Denver lovers at work) should recognize the song and hear his folksy voice and guitar tune in your head.  The word for a song that gets stuck in your head is earworm.   Maybe it is just an earworm or maybe this song is stuck in my head because it is a true statement about life.  Some days really are diamond days, full of happy, exciting and wonderful moments.  Other days there seems to be a lot hard stone moments.  Now I’m not a geologist, but I think I’ve learned that diamonds start out as stones and time and the right environment turns them into diamonds.  Life has stone moments and even some stone days; but hopefully overall we remember the diamond moments and days and that we learn to let time and those around us (our environment) help change the stones moments into something better.  Something closer to a diamond – whatever geologists call the phase between stones and diamonds.

For those of you want to hear the song, here is a link:

Sky Report at 10:17 – mostly white and grey clouds, just a few sparse spots of blue

Yarn Strands: grey and rain


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  1. lindai permalink

    1. I love John Denver’s glasses on this album cover.. they are almost in style again.
    2. The colours in your scarf will not reflect how very very cold it was today. Maybe that’s a good thing. At they like to say in the Kitchener Record, I’m not coping with the cold 🙂

  2. Maam permalink

    Thank you so much!! I love the diamond analogy. (is that a word?) We all need to look and hopefully find the diamond moments.
    I didn’t know about earworms before…

  3. allyjeanmac permalink

    I enjoy that you included the YouTube link! It made me happy.

    Those glasses better not be coming back in style!!!

    Good use of analogy Maam.

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