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Picking colours is a lot of pressure

January 20, 2013

It’s a challenge each day to pick yarn colours.  I say this because yesterday and today, I knit with the same colours, but the sky wasn’t the same at all.  I seem hesitant to choose too bright a blue.  So yesterday it was overcast, but not exactly grey and so I used white and the lightest blue (which at times seems really close to white).  There really wasn’t much blue sky yesterday and so I felt it wasn’t right to include a brighter blue.  Today I again knit with these two colours but there was more blue and fewer clouds.  This morning around 9:30, it really depended on which way you looked; one direction was almost entirely cloud but the other direction was more blue.  There were times before and after that when there was lots of snow in the air.  And just like the scarf not showing the temperature, today it didn’t capture the wind, which could blow a person all the way to Toronto.  The end result is that I feel like I should have chosen different colours for yesterday.  There are many days when I feel like I made poor colour choices to mark the previous days’ sky.   But I’m not planning on going back and taking out the rows I’ve knit to change my yarn colours.  Just like in life, I can’t undo what happened yesterday.  I can only keep moving forward, hoping that today I’ll make better choices.  To quote Oprah “when we know better, we do better”.  Hopefully with time I get better at selecting yarn colours to match the sky.  Then again it’s not like anyone is checking up on my choices.  So alternately, I could learn that it’s not worth feeling pressure and just get on with the knitting.


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