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How are coping with the cold?

January 22, 2013

For those of you locals, who grew up (and maybe still are) watching CKCO TV news at 6:00, this question might sound familiar.  At one point, a regular feature on the evening news was the street talk question, where a news reporters ventured onto the streets of Kitchener-Waterloo to ask for people’s comments on a current and/or local event.  Unfortunately, if you were a regular watcher, you quickly noticed that a question about the weather was the common default.   Frequent questions were “how are you coping with the heat?”, “what do you think of all this rain?”, and on a day like today I would have bet a large sum of money that the question would be “how are you coping with the cold?”   People’s answers to this question are seldom insightful and since there isn’t anything anyone can do about the cold rather uninspiring.   And yet the frequency and predictability of both the question and the answers means this question always brings a smile to my face (actually just thinking about the question makes me smile and almost chuckle).  I can’t wait until next winter, when I’ll be seeking out the street talk guy so that I can answer by saying “I coping great, I’ve got this amazing 5 foot long scarf that I knit last year while watching the sky”.   Because I’m thinking, a 5 foot long hand-knit scarf would be nice to have this week as the temperatures plummet.  Stay warm.

Sky Report at 10:00 – blue sky with white clouds – today it really is the same as yesterday.  🙂

Yarn Strands: light slate blue and white


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  1. allyjeanmac permalink

    I can’t believe Linda didn’t comment on this one …

    Here in Winnipeg our coping mechanism is to not talk about the temperature. As it turns out, that doesn’t really work so well…

    • I too was very shocked that Linda didn’t comment on this one, as she usually loves this question and of course loved the local news while living in KW.

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