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Knit a sunrise

January 27, 2013


This morning’s sky was beautiful.  I’ve said before that someone should be knitting  a sunrise or sunset scarf, and I really mean it.  Maybe that will be my 2014 project.  I don’t think my inexpensive camera did a very good job of capturing the sunrise this morning.  It really was more light pink that what it looks like in the picture.  It was very clear last night (which I know from sitting in the hottub), the moon was bright and full and the stars where twinkling.  So it was a bit surprising that this morning as the sun came up there was a fair amount of cloud.  As result the pink only lasted a few minutes.  I looked and saw it start and less than 5 minutes later realized that if I didn’t jump up and take a picture immediately, the moment would be gone.  If you were to knit the sunrise, I ‘m not sure exactly what moment each morning you would choose to select your colours, but I think it would be wonderful whichever colours you picked.

We need to find beauty wherever we can.  And we need to take time to notice it and spend a few minutes in awe when we see it.  It only took me a few seconds to go outside and look at and photograph the sunrise, but the sense of beauty and awe as stayed with me all day.

Sky Report at 9:35 – lots of blue sky but also some wispy clouds

Yarn Strands: light denim blue and rain


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One Comment
  1. lindai permalink

    Beautiful photo.. it almost wants to make me get up earlier in the morning. Almost.

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