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Photo Update

January 28, 2013

The scarf is coming along nicely and so I thought it might be about time to provide another photo update.   It is really starting to look like something.

Scarf Jan 27

Also I feel the need to share that I was shopping for yarn last Friday and saw a ball of blue yarn, of the same kind of yarn.  I picked it up and read the name.  It was called “sky”.  And while I felt it really was the perfect colour for blue sky, as I held it in my hand I thought about my overflowing bag of yarn, and then placed it back on the shelf.  I haven’t stopped thinking about it.   When you start your knit the sky or sunrise or sunset project, I encourage you to spend more time shopping for and selecting yarn colours, as the right name can make all the difference.  Writing “light slate blue” in the yarn strand section on this blog isn’t nearly as much fun as it would be to write “sky”.

Sky Report all day: overcast and rainy

Yarn Strands: white and grey

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One Comment
  1. allyjeanmac permalink

    I can’t wait to see how much it changes over the year and with the changing seasons. It is such a cool idea.

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