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For whom do we write?

January 29, 2013

Over the past several weeks, my brain keeps returning to this question.  For most of my life, when I’ve written something, it is always for some purpose; something that someone else would read.  In school it was for teachers and professors.  At work it is for colleagues to learn or be informed about something.  Notes, cards and e-mails are for the recipient.  But who is this blog for?  Would I write if nobody was reading it?  The only thing I’ve ever written just for me is when at various points in my life, I have intermittently journalled.  But even when I’ve journalled, the motivation is often that at some point in the future, I’ll be able to read my journal and remember how I felt about what was happening in my life.  So even that had a purpose.  I’ve wondered how others would answer this question.  Are there people whose need to write is so strong that they would write whether or not anybody would ever read their words?  It seems like poets and song writers are more likely to fit into that category.  Do fiction writers?  Do bloggers?

Part of my motivation to start this blog was that I kept thinking writing was something I could do if I didn’t maintain my current job.   I wasn’t looking for ways to money as I was with finding ways to fill my time.  Similar to something I have written in a previous post, if I wanted to call myself a writer, I needed to start writing.  However, I’ve struggled not to let “not knowing what to write about” be an excuse not to do it.  If the goal is writing, then it shouldn’t matter what one writes about.  Furthermore, if the goal is writing, then writing perfectly also isn’t as important.  At this point, it’s not about writing something amazing, that inspires people to read more, but just to start writing.  I’m not driven by a all consuming need to write.  And while I’m encouraged by having readers, I don’t need readers to achieve the goal.  The outcome I’m striving for is “to write” not “to be read”.

Sky Report all day: overcast, foggy, sometimes rain

Yarn Strands: I haven’t knit yet today, for two reasons (1) I made a mistake last night and need to go to my maam’s to get it fixed and so won’t actually knit today’s rows until tomorrow and (2) I welcome your input, what colour is fog????


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  1. Happy to be part of the faceless sea of unknown readers on the Internet. Keep writing!

  2. Maam permalink

    Keep writing.
    I think fog is grey on gray….whatever colour that produces…it’s grey!

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