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Living an Authentic Life

January 30, 2013

On Sunday, I made a mistake in my scarf.   I knit Monday’s rows, but then didn’t knit yesterday as I knew getting too far past the mistake would only make it harder to fix it.   Fixing mistakes is another aspect of knitting I’m not very skilled at.   I went to my maaam’s tonight to get her to fix it.  Now I’m all caught up.

On the way home from work, I heard a clip on CBC radio in anticipation of tonight’s episode of Ge0rge Stroumboulopoulos, in which Oprah Winfrey is going to be the guest.  Oprah was speaking about her recent interview with Lance Armstrong.  Oprah commented that we are all just striving to live authentic lives.  We all make mistakes, some big and some small.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t continue on towards living a more authentic life.   We all want to believe and need to believe that is possible to move past a mistake, regardless of how long ago it was (or how many rows we have knit past it).

In knitting, the mistake can often be repaired so that nobody can see it and only the knitter remembers it happened.  It’s not always so easy in real life.  However, I think a key factor in living an authentic life is being able to identify our mistakes and when necessary find the right people to help us fix them.  Mistakes are a part of life and knitting, it’s how we deal with them is what matters.

Sky Report at 10:00 – grey and rainy

Yarn Strands: both grey

FYI Apparently by tomorrow morning you can watch Oprah on George Stroumboulopoulous by clicking this link to CBC  I only heard a short clip, so am not endorsing the interview, just including the link for those of you who are interested.

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