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A month in review

January 31, 2013

Well it’s be a month of writing and knitting.  This January has been an interesting month in many ways.

When I think about the weather and the sky, it’s been a strange one.  Some days were crisp and white and perfect for building snowmen.  But even then the snow was never very deep.  That said, I think the snow has come and gone several times over the past month.  In between the snow we had rainy days.  In fact yesterday it was close to 12 degrees (my criteria for driving my convertible is 10 degrees, but I have to say I never thought I’d have to consider that temperature in January – and no I didn’t drive the convertible with the top down).  Many days it has been very very windy.  With the strong winds, maybe it is good we didn’t have much snow to blow around.

January has also been strange for me, as I haven’t traveled much for work.  This means I’ve been home most evening, which has greatly assisted me in my efforts to knit and blog.  I’m not sure how well I’ll do at the knitting and blogging during weeks when I’m away a lot.  But being in the office every day isn’t good for my weight as I have a tendency to eat more when I’m sitting at a desk all day.  It’s a tough balance to achieve.

Another strange part about January is that the month felt very long.  I’ve commented on this before, but the feeling remains.  For example, I feel like I’ve been knitting and writing forever.  I know, I know, 31 days is always 31 days; but this month it has felt like much longer.  Maybe it is because of the number of up and downs that have happened in my life in the past month.  Regardless of the reason, at this point, I’m very much looking forward to February starting, if only for the change in month.

As for the scarf, it is also a bit strange.  There is a lot of white, but often in combination with another colour.  Other chunks have lots of grey.  And I’m really not sure the blues all match.  But how can blues not match?  And unfortunately, the twisting the extra strands up the one side doesn’t looks so great all the way up.  That part is trickier than one might think.  I did take some time to untangle every thing again tonight so that is looking better.

I don’t know what your January has been like.  Maybe it’s been long, maybe slow.  Maybe full of highs or full of lows or maybe many days that feel in between.  Maybe too busy or maybe not busy enough.   Maybe snowing and frigidly cold or maybe mild with little snow.  There is value in doing a review every now and again of our lives.  Taking stock and seeing what is working or not working.  I started saying that January had been interesting.  Funny how as I kept writing, the word strange started every paragraph.  So it’s been a strange month, but upon reflection I can say the knitting and blogging is working for me.  Whatever life has brought you this January, I feel honoured that you have spent even a bit of your month reading this ‘strange’ blog.  Thanks

Sky Report at 10:50 – it as a clear moment and there was spots of blue sky

Yarn Strand: white and light blue denim

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  1. lindai permalink

    31 days is a long time to keep writing.. Impressive. Keep it up!

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