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“what matters is building well”

February 1, 2013

Live, or die: mere consequences of what you have built.  What matters is building well. … I’m going to stop undoing, deconstructing, I’m going to start building.  … I’ll try to do something positive.” 

This is an quote from the book I’m currently reading.  I read the passage a few days ago and it has stuck in my head.  The idea that ones’ focus in life should be on building something.  As someone who loves critical analysis and is amazing at breaking down situations and considering what could have been done better; this idea of building can be challenging.  And yet, I think it’s true.  Creating something, whatever that might be, is generally more beautiful and rewarding than tearing something apart (mind you the demolition part of doing home renovations is pretty fun).  It can be so easy to focus on what isn’t working in life, what isn’t going well, what others aren’t doing that we wish they would do, how we know better than someone else,… the list can go on.  The term ‘creating’ can refer to an artistic endeavor or a hobby, like drawing or painting, woodworking or sewing.  But in my mind it also includes encouraging others, taking a few minutes to do something nice for another person, calling or spending time with the important people in our life.  I’m not sure I’m quite ready to formally make this an official goal in my  life, but like the girl in my book, I’m going to start building, even in challenging situations, I’m going to try to do (or perhaps more importantly in my case – say) something positive.

Aside: I haven’t included name the book, as despite this excerpt resonating with me, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the book to others.

Sky Report at 10:30ish – snowing

Yarn Strands: 2 white


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  1. Christine permalink

    I think that is a goal I would love to aspire to.
    Aside: I hope this book isn’t the one I’m supposed to be reading.

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