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slow but not scary

February 2, 2013

This past week was a crappy week to be driving in southwestern Ontario.  Every morning the drive to work wasn’t great, it was due to a different weather experience every day, but all 5 days were crappy driving days.  On Friday morning, when a colleague and I were chatting about the drive in, we decided that Friday hadn’t been the worst day because while the drive that morning had been slow, it hadn’t been scary or stressful.

Knitting this scarf also fits this category.  It’s slow – it’s going to take an entire year to complete.  But it is not at all stressful or scary.

Some people are drawn to slow but not scary experiences in life.  Conversely others choose fast and more daring experiences, perhaps specifically because they are a bit scary.  I won’t say that one approach is better than the other; but I’m sure many of you know which category I choose.  Unfortunately, in life we aren’t always given a choice.  We can’t choose what happens to us or control every experience that will come our way.  Sometimes we want ‘fast’ or quick answers and outcomes, but life gives us ‘slow’ and tells us to have patience and wait.  Other times we want everything to slow down because life is going to fast.  Resilience means having the skills to cope and/or adapt in both situations.  But maybe intentionally creating opportunities and experiences that align with our preferred approach, helps us more able to cope with things outside our comfort zone.  A slow but not scary drive makes me feel better about whatever the drive home might be like.  Having a project, in this case knitting the sky scarf, that is slow but not stressful helps balance out the things in my day/life that aren’t that way.   Whatever your preference for fast or slow, I hope that you have ways in your life to create balance to better manage the things beyond your control.


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