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Gloria Steinem

February 4, 2013

I do not like to write – I like to have written. Gloria Steinem

When I “publish” my post, a screen pops up that shows the post and most days, a panel on the left also includes a quote.   This was Saturday’s quote.  I loved it so much, I decided to share it with all of you.  If you have been reading along since the beginning, you likely already know why I like this quote.  I like it because it is exactly the way I feel about writing.

But you know there are many many many things that could replace “to write” and “written” in the sentence.

  • I do not like to clean – I like to have a clean house.
  • I do not like to exercise, but I like to be in decent shape.
  • I do not like getting groceries, but I like to have food in my house and eat at home.
  • I do not planning the vacation, but I love being on vacation.

I understand that in life, there are things we need to do because the outcome is important to us, even when we don’t particularly enjoy the way to get to that desirable outcome.  Someone once told me that laundry is the only household task that they enjoy not only the outcome but also the act in itself.  I’ve never forgotten that comment.  Maybe we should spend more time doing things that we enjoy the act, not just the outcome.  Either that or we need to stop focusing on and thinking about the part we don’t like and remember that if an outcome is important to us, then it’s worth whatever effort it takes to achieve that outcome.

Sky Report at 11:45 ish – grey and overcast

Yarn Strands – grey and white

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  1. Sue permalink

    Interesting info. today, I too love to do laundry and love even more to fold the nice clean clothes, a sense of accomplishment, cleanliness and order. I also love to cook and bake–to nourish others and myself, but nourishment can be emotional, intellectual also. Thanks for your words, and wisdom on not just knitting but on life and day to day ‘tasks’. Knitting can be a task as well, often for me because it seems tedious and boring until it takes shape, but we keep going and try to keep up!!
    (well I do). I have a friend to whom knitting seems to come natural; her creations as well are magnificent and shared so generously with others. I want to honour her today—I knitter worthy of honour and praise! Those who receive her creations and her generosity have been blessed! I’m trying to keep up with the Sky– and a scarf of memory!! Thanks for this precious journey. Sue.

  2. Maam permalink

    Thanks!!! Your statement “I understand that in life there are things we need to do……” really hit home and I thought “Yes” I will work at figuring out “what things” and then work at getting to the “desired outcome”
    Thank you for putting such simple wisdom into words.

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