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Hurray for Longer Days!!!

February 5, 2013

Years and years ago, I worked with a woman who in mid-October could tell you how long it would be until it was this light again.  This was usually a far off date that just left you feeling depressed.  Today, when someone shared that they are sick of winter, I shared that I didn’t mind the winter and was just glad about how much longer the days seemed.  And then I realized – I could do the opposite of this former colleague.  I could figure how long it would be until it was this dark again.  Based on my perhaps not so accurate counting, I think it will be early November before the days are this short again.  No wonder, I’ve always liked February more than November.   The February sun shines with a sense of hope, as we eagerly anticipate longer, warmer days.   I’m rather shocked by my glass-half-full approach to this.  Maybe the idea of building (see post from February 2 – “what matters is building well”) has moved from just an idea to influencing my outlook.

Regardless, I love driving home from work with the sun in my eyes.  I love getting home and there still be enough light to do my outside things (feeding cats and filling bird feeders) without a flashlight.  I love knowing it will be light when I drive to work.  The sun didn’t shine the entire day, but it was bright and the snow is still clean and white, and the day was longer than yesterday.

Sky Report at ????: I keep forgetting to check at 10:00 in the morning.  However, it was around 10 that I was looking at my computer and thinking that I should shut the blind behind it, as it would make it easier to see the screen.  But I just can’t bring myself to close out the light.  So even if the sun wasn’t shining (which I really didn’t notice one way or the other), it was bright this morning.  Russ said it was overcast, so I’m going to go with bright overcast.

Yarn Strands: white and rain


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