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who knits these days?

February 7, 2013

I’ve been wondering over the past couple of days, if the number of people who knit has decreased over time.  What are the demographic trends with respect to knitters?   I haven’t cared enough about this to google and see if I could find any statistics or research studies; but I have wondered about this.  Initially I thought, “I don’t know that many knitters” in my age bracket.  But that isn’t true, I just don’t have knitters in my immediate circle of friends.  But I do know many people both older and younger than myself who are prolific knitters and several more who are more recreational-type knitters.   Perhaps because knitting is so often a solitary activity, we don’t always know who else enjoys it.  But knowing that others enjoy knitting can be a great source of discussion and sharing.  Sometimes we are hesitant to talk about the hobbies and activities we enjoy but aren’t amazing at.  However, until we do, we won’t learn more about each other, find someone who shares that interest, or identify someone to go to for inspiration or help.  So if you are interested in knitting, let me know.  But I’m also interested in hearing about whatever you are interested.


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