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expanding my skills

February 9, 2013

Historically (and let’s be honest, still to this day), I’ve always been a bit limited in my knitting, sticking to things like scarves and others items with straight lines and simple patterns.  I have been known to say that since my maaam can knit better and faster, why bother doing it myself.  But in keeping with the discussion about enjoying an activity, not just the outcome; I think that knitting is something I am coming to enjoy as an activity unto itself and the outcome (or completing a project) isn’t as relevant.  This has caused me to consider expanding my knitting skills.

I have been working on a set of Christmas stockings for the past couple of years.  While the pattern is simple, the striping means that I have perfected switching colours/yarn strands.  I’m approaching the heal on the second stocking.  This time, maybe instead of just having my maaam show me how to do the heal on my stocking, I will read the pattern and give it a try myself first. I’m still pondering this approach, as the audiovisual learner in me it will be easier to get my maaam to show me.  But as I’ve said before, easier isn’t always better.  I’ll keep you posted as to what I decide.

Sky Report at 8:50 am – Clear blue sky and I don’t think it will change by 10

Yarn Strands – light slate blue and light denim blue

For those of you interested in seeing how the scarf is progressing, the picture below includes yesterday’s rows.

Scarf February 8

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One Comment
  1. lindai permalink

    Is coming along quite nicely. Must be good to see the progress 🙂

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