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February 11, 2013

I have written about joy in a few of my posts over the past month and a bit.  For example, my surprise that the daily knitting is something that brings me joy.   Joy is something I’ve thought a lot about over the past few years.  It started when a colleague shared during a devotion about her reflections on the difference between joy and happiness.  The differences she spoke of that day are the unofficial definitions that I’ve adopted for myself.  Happiness is momentary and short lived and often dependent on our circumstances.  Conversely, joy is something deeper.   You can have a sense of joy even when dealing with challenging, negative or less than exciting situations.  I’m sure that if your life is perfect, you can be happy for a relatively long time.  But for most of us, life doesn’t always go so smoothly and it is one’s deeper sense of joy that mitigates the challenges of the day (or week, or month).  That day, my colleague shared about loosing her joy.  This can happen to any of us.  Gradually and then suddenly, we realize we are spending our days frustrated by the lack of “happiness-creating” circumstances.  We have lost that deeper sense of joy.  The good news is that joy can be found again.   In my experience, one’s joy can be fostered by intentionally naming the source of the joy and then making sure those things are a balanced part of your life.   Hence my tendency to write about those things in this blog.   I hope your joy isn’t lost and that you have ways to foster and grow that sense of joy.

Sky Report at 10:00ish – bright but fairly overcast

Yarn Strands – white and rain


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  1. Sue permalink

    Like we need to practice the presence of Jesus in our lives, we also need to practice being joyful by choosing Joy!! thanks for those special words today!! Sue

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