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It will be better when…

February 17, 2013

We often get caught up in thinking that everything will just be better when….

  • things slow down a work;
  • I get that new pair of shoes;
  • I can take vacation and spend a few days on a beach;
  • my spouse or kids get better at picking up after themselves;
  • Friday comes.

Maybe these things will make life better.   I’m not saying they are bad or that we shouldn’t anticipate or desire good things.  But in my experience, if we can’t address whatever challenge we are wishing those things would solve, those things can’t fix it either.  Whatever we are facing will still be there even if things do slow down at work, we take that vacation, or we get that new pair of shoes.  Life is what we live every day.  Or as I’ve heard it said, where ever we go – we are still there.  Life is about finding small things that fill our “buckets” or help us cope better.   Something you can do for 5 minutes every day is likely going to have a larger impact on your overall well-being than a beach vacation once a year.  Similarly, taking time to figure out what is at the root of why you are wishing for those things, will help you determine if you really ‘need’ them.  Again, I’m not saying any of these things are bad; but thinking they will solve something for us is.  Constantly living our lives waiting for something to come, means we might missing enjoying the wonderful moments we have right now.

Sky Report at 10:00 am – blue sunny skies and a few wispy clouds

Yarn Strands: light slate blue and rain



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  1. allyjeanmac permalink

    Excellent point, Meg. I totally get what you mean.

    Getting 4 new pairs of shoes sure helps though, right?! Ha-ha.

  2. lindai permalink

    Next you’ll be saying alcohol doesn’t help either.. 🙂
    (I mean that in a ha-ha-good-joke-no-need-to-worry kind of way, of course).
    I totally agree about the shoes, Alison!

    • I didn’t think the 4 pairs of shoes would make me feel better or solve a problem. I just happened to see 4 pairs that I could use. And to re-state, I did say these things weren’t “bad” in and of themselves. 🙂

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