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Family Day

February 18, 2013

Family Day is a relatively new holiday for us Canadians (note: I do realize not every province observes this holiday).  I know many people have petitioned for an additional stat holiday in the summer, I rather like this mid-winter day off.  Similar to a snow day it’s a great chance to spend some time doing things with people you care about.  And better than a snow day, nobody is trying to get anywhere or do any work (I got some negative flack for speaking so positively about the snow day from people who had to work and whose day was made more complicated by the snow).  The options of things to do on this day are endless; just ask my nieces and nephews who have jam packed schedule planned for today.  Their schedule includes: tobogganing, snowmobiling, making ice cream, and a bonfire.  So whether you are snowed in in Winnipeg or enjoying the sunshine in Ontario, have a super duper Family Day!

Knitting done – check √

Blogging done – check √

Sky Report at 10:18 am – some blue spots but also some clouds

Yarn Strands: white and light slate blue


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