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an unanticipated theme

February 19, 2013

I’m noticing in a theme in my writing – perhaps you are too.  As much as (or perhaps as little as) this blog is about knitting and writing, it seems to be about slowing down.  While I might be writing about it a lot, it’s more because I continue to struggle with doing this in my life, than because I’m an expert at it.  Slowing down or doing nothing are not states that comes naturally to me.

Slowing down and appreciating the simple things in life goes against the dominate message in our culture.  We want things quickly.  We feel driven to do, do, do.  We want to see and show others the fruits of our labour.  We strive to use every minute of our day in an effective and efficient manner.  I consciously work at not always thinking this way about life.  My focus on the positive, my comments on the little things in life that bring me joy, a reminder of the importance of spending time with people we love… these are all part of my efforts to take a different approach to life.

While I  might love checking knitting and blogging off the list; in reality these activities are about slowing down.  If I want to do each of these things every day, I need to make time in my day to do them.  I need to remind myself that they only take a few minutes. I need to let go of some other random task I think I “must/have to do”.  I need to tell myself that I choose these activities because they were something I wanted to do, nobody is making me do them.  So maybe it’s not slowing down but it is about identifying and focusing priorities.

So I’m sure these ideas will continue to show up in this blog, but I’ll keep throwing in some knitting content and humour as well.

Sky Report  at 10:00 am – grey, grey grey

Yarn Strands: two grey


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