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Ice Fishing is like Knitting

February 22, 2013

I am confident that most of you didn’t realize that ice fishing and knitting would have anything in common.  They do.  I can’t say that until this week I would have noticed the similarity either.  But after spending part of a day ice fishing this week, I see how knitting the sky scarf prepared me for my ice fishing adventure (or lack there of).

Ice fishing, like knitting is a rather slow, not so adventurous pastime.  Just like more experienced knitter might tell you about the excitement associated with a particularly challenging pattern; it appears to me that excitement and ice fishing are also rare finds.  The guy who drove us out to the fishing hut told us stories of great big fish being caught, but when he came to pick us up he confessed that the fish hadn’t been biting lately.  For the record, he didn’t provide much advice or insight as to how exactly we should go about hauling in this elusive big fish.  As a result, I found myself hoping that perhaps we wouldn’t catch anything.

The other, perhaps more compelling, comparison is that tangling can be a challenge with both pastimes.  While ice fishing, the patience I have recently had to demonstrate while untangling the yarn strands for my sky scarf came in handy as I helped I untangle the ice fishing lines.  Patience has never been my strength; but having spent several chunks of time untangling yarn since New Years has taught me that if you are slow and steady the untangling goes better.  While untangling the fishing lines we were even successful in keeping the minnows alive.

We didn’t catch anything, but it was a great experience and very much fit with efforts to slow down and enjoy life.  While in a rented hut in the middle of a lake the only thing one really has to do is watch the fishing lines.  Well and at ten in the morning pay attention to the sky.   Really if you wanted to transport your knitting; it would also be a great place to knit.

Sky Report on Thursday at 10:00 while ice fishing – grey and overcast

Yarn Strands on Thursday: grey and white

Sky Report on Friday at 10:00ish – cloudy but bright

Yarn Stands: white and rain

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  1. lindai permalink

    I hadn’t thought of it that way.. my mom and dad must be the perfect combination of hobbies.. ice fishing and knitting. I don’t know if I could convince Dad of the similarities though. He would be impressed with your adventure .. and your patience. (He might mention my lack there of is the reason I make a poor fisher-woman).

  2. Maam permalink

    I can see the similarities but for sure I would have taken my knitting along….but as I thought about knitting in the ice hut….decided maybe I should knit a pair of those gloves without finished fingers to keep my hands warm while I knit.

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