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knitting progress report

February 25, 2013

Feb 25

I thought it was time for a knitting progress report and picture.  I’ve been knitting for 8 weeks, less a day.  If my math is right, that is 55 rows.  I can see how the scarf is going to end up being very long by the end of the 365 days.  Already, the scarf is long enough that I usually fold it when I put in back in the bag after knitting the day’s rows.

For those of you who are also knitting (or at least interested in the knitting details), I am still only using 5 colours – white, grey, rain (aka very light blue), light slate blue, and light denim blue.  I do have two balls of white and two balls of grey for the days when the sky requires that.

Despite suggestions of alternate methods, I still keep the yarn in the original paper bag.   And hence, as a result, untangling is still a regular activity.  Every 5-7 days I spend more time untangling that I have spent knitting.  It just occurred to me that perhaps I should consider untangling every day rather than letting it get into such a mess.

As for the writing, the knitting is still easier; but the writing is catching up and the gap between the two is closing.  Thanks to all for their encouragement.  In honour of today’s photo, all the yarn is untangled and the scarf is laid out flat in the bag for you to see the length and colours.  Keep the comments coming.

Sky Report at 10:00ish – overcast

Yarn Strands: white and grey

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