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Learning from Seinfield

February 26, 2013

The TV show Seinfield was often described as a show about nothing.  Yet it lasted 9 seasons and was watched by millions of people.  (reference: Tonight’s blog post is a post about nothing.  I have wracked my brain and stared at the computer screen and I still don’t have a clue what to write about.  Even my much loved notebook of ideas didn’t include anything that felt just right.  Maybe I’m worrying too much about writing the “right” thing, when I should just be writing.  (Aside – okay so it is very difficult to write about writing right — too many similar words).

I have struggled in the past to decide what to write about, but an idea has always come.  Not today.  Is this the true definition of writer’s block?  It doesn’t seem like it can be, as even without a topic, I am writing.  Just writing about nothing.  Hence the Seinfield reference.

A book I’m reading right now proposes that play is activity without purpose.  Play is any activity done for pure enjoyment and that the minute we focus on a purpose, the play looses something.  That isn’t to say that play can’t have valuable side effects, but that it is engaged in without a specific outcome in mind.   From my understanding, this concept of play fits with that early year specialists say about child development.  Children gain many benefits from play; but kids don’t engage in play in a an effort to achieve those benefits.  They do things just because they are fun.

Today I wrote about nothing in particular, so based on the paragraph above, doing something without purpose fits the definition of play.  Maybe there are some loop holes in this definition, as I’m not sure I would quite call writing fun.  And I don’t think this post about nothing is close to the level of play or entertainment of the average Seinfield episode.  Then again, right now I’m smiling and almost chuckling.


Sky Report in morning: I know it was bright because I was almost squinting at my desk, but it was still overcast.  So I’m saying overcast but bright.

Yarn Strands: white and rain

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