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March 1, 2013


In the past 2 days, the topic of Lego has made 2 appearances in my life.  And let’s be honest, 2 encounters with Lego in 2 days is pretty rare for a person who has no children.  And to be clear, neither encounter directly involved children.  One encounter was this morning on CityTV’s BT Toronto morning show.  Frankie was on location at a huge Lego store at Vaughan Mills that had a Lego model of Toronto (  It was very cool.

My second encounter with Lego was in conversation with a colleague yesterday.  He commented that life was great, as just like with Lego you never know what the day will bring or turn into.  This philosophy of life was filled with joy and enthusiasm.   Clearly he loves Lego and he loves life.  As he shared this philosophy, I confirmed that it was based on “on-school” Lego, the Lego of our childhoods that was a plastic bin of random Lego pieces just waiting for us to turn into something.  I am often disappointed but current Lego, which is most often a kit that comes with detailed instructions, that once assembled stays as it appears on the box.  Today’s Lego doesn’t align with the comparison of a day filled with unanticipated potential.  I am always encouraged by my interactions with this colleague, as he is open to whatever the day may bring; he seems less obsessed with having and following a plan for his day.  As someone who believes that old school Lego with all it’s potential is far more fun than today’s kits, I benefit from being reminded frequently that it can also be a fun way to approach life (or at least the day).

Sky Report in morning: overcast

Yarn Strands: grey and white


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