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a place of no judgement

March 4, 2013

Already this morning, I was crafting/drafting this post in my head.  On the drive home, I confirmed with myself, the topic and general direction I would take with my writing.  I was going to use one of the ideas from my notebook.  It was even a pretty good idea.

BUT… then I got home and found the highlight of my day.  There were new McDonald’s coupons on the counter!!!  McDonald’s for lunch can be a highlight for me.  Over the years, the people I work with as changed (usually due to babies, sometimes due to new jobs), but usually there is a least one other person who is equally as excited by McDonald’s as I am.  We have said that it is “a place of no judgement”.  This description was coined when one former colleague ate two Big Macs just before starting a bet with her husband that involved giving up fast food.  A trip to McDonald’s for lunch usually involves a group of women and always involves laughter.   Although there is the one time that we picked up a male colleague in the office parking lot in an effort to be welcoming to all; I don’t think he ever fully recovered from the experience, and for sure he has never asked to come again.  We have gone to McDonald’s to celebrate someone’s last day, welcome new babies, and connect with former colleagues.  It’s a happy place.  I know many people don’t like McDonald’s and I accept their choice and preferences.  I’m also okay when people’s interpretation of everything in moderation, means McDonald’s a couple of times a year vs. not more than once a week.  But I’m not afraid to say that I like McDonald’s and a visit there can make my day.  Today I drove home lamenting how much work I had to complete in the month of March and how already it seemed like there would never be enough work hours to accomplish it all.  But then there were McDonald’s coupons on the counter and suddenly the day was brighter and the month with too much work included a reminder to take time for the happy things – to visit the place of no judgement once or twice.
Sky Report at 10:00 – overcast

Yarn Strands – grey and white


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