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Wisdom (and Bogs)

March 10, 2013

I was going to write today’s blog about the wonder of Bogs.  How they are the perfect type of footwear for this weather that involves snow, mud, and puddles.  They were designed for both cold and wet.  But then I decided I couldn’t write more than a few sentences on this AND that it was pretty close to what I wrote about yesterday.  So I’ll sum up by saying: God bless whoever invented Bogs, as they are fantastic!.  (to check them out visit the Bogs Website)

So onto the meat of this post.  The book I just finished included the following idea that I thought was worth passing along.  The main character shares that a mentor of his once told him about four sentences that lead to wisdom.  The sentences are:

  1. I’m sorry.
  2. I was wrong.
  3. I need help.
  4. I don’t know.

How true that is.  None of the sentences are easy to say.  For me, first challenge can be realizing/accepting that they need to be said.  Even when you know in your heart that a situation requires one of these sentences, it can still be really hard to say it out-loud to the person who needs to hear it.  And through that process comes learning and comes wisdom.  Maybe this has something to do with why wisdom is so often associated with increasing age, as we have had more experiences with these challenging situations.  Maybe you don’t need any of these sentences right now.  But if you do, don’t be afraid to use them – it will lead to wisdom.

Several posts ago, I shared another quote from a book I was reading, but I really didn’t love that book and so didn’t encourage others to read it.  Today’s excerpt comes from the book Bury Your Dead by Louise Penny.  This is the first Louise Penny book I have read and I would recommend it to others.

Sky Report at 9:30 am – bright but the sky hadn’t cleared yet.

Yarn Strands: rain (the lightest blue) and white


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