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Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s day

March 15, 2013

Okay so I know I’m a couple of days early, but today I heard St. Patrick’s day talk everywhere.  This included specific songs on the radio , a photo forwarded to me, and a friend’s description of a food dish.  As non-Irish people, perhaps we stretch the boundaries of what is Irish culture.  As to be honest, I’m not sure not sure any of these things were actually Irish.  For those of you who are interested the songs were (1) The Night that Patty Murphy Died by Great Big Sea and (2) Home for a Rest by Spirit of the West; the menu option was shepherd’s pie; and the photo (see below) was taken by a friend who is currently in Quebec (I’m doubting it was a Irish Pub where she saw it).  But the tempo and instrumentation of the songs, the comfort food, and the reference to beer fit with my mental image and the stereotype of what St. Patrick’s day is all about.  Whether it’s truly Irish or not, the combination is pretty great!  So at some point this weekend, take time to loudly play some jovial celtic music and dance in your kitchen (or at least tap your toes); eat great comfort food; and raise a glass to toast the Irish.  I’ve always thought it would be great to visit Ireland.  I still want to, even though I’m pretty sure this isn’t exactly what I’ll encounter.

oli's bar

Sky Report at 10:00 – overcast

Yarn Strands: grey and white


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