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There is seldom one “right” way to do something…

March 16, 2013

A week or so ago, I said I was going to see if untangling my yarn strands every day (or at least more frequently than I had been) would be helpful.  You know I don’t really think it makes a difference.  I know that storing my yarn in something other than a paper bag might be a better option, many people have offered this suggestion.  Unwinding daily does spread out the time associated with this task, but I’m not convinced it is more efficient.  Of course this observation about efficiency caused me to pause and question if efficiency should be the goal in this case.

I don’t really love the untangling task, but there is something satisfying about sitting for 15 or 20 minutes once a week or so and getting all the strands straightened out again.  It creates a sense of accomplishment.  In this case, that sense of accomplishment is more valuable than efficiency.  So while it’s been said that one shouldn’t procrastinate on tasks one dislikes, in this case by procrastinating the sense of accomplishment is greater.

Everyone has opinions on the better way to do things.  These are often shared as life truths or rules to live by or sometimes just as sincere advice from someone who tried it or been through it before.  And in some cases that idea about how to do something, may turn into a life changing way of approaching something for another person.  But mostly I think they are statements based on the advice sharer’s personal preferences, priorities, and values.  Again, I’m not saying that in many cases there isn’t great wisdom in these approaches or life rules and trying to apply them your life is probably a good thing.  But if they don’t work our for you, that’s okay too;  as like in untangling yarn there is seldom one right way to do something.

Sky Report around 10:00 – it was bright but not sunny (i.e., bright overcast)

Yarn Strands: white and rain


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