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March Break in Dealtown

March 17, 2013

Today was pretty close to a March Break in Dealtown day.  On a warm day in March when the weather is warm, the sun is shining and the snow almost entirely melted, I am drawn back to my childhood and March Break in Dealtown.  When I was in elementary school, for March Break I would spend a few days at my Aunt’s house.  I have clear memories of hanging out with the kids in her neighbourhood, playing in the clusters of trees on the grounds of the Southwest Regional Centre or games in someone’s basement.  Evening’s at my Aunt’s house included being allowed to stay up late to watch TV; you know it really might not have been that late, but it felt like it at the time.  I thought it was so cool that they had a control in the basement to move the outside antenna so channels would come in clear.  Evening TV watching came with great snacks, in my mind it was corn chips (maybe my sister can confirm), but I’m sure there was more variety.  It is something about the weather that makes these memories come to mind and I’m always glad when they do.

March Break was a magical time.  The whole idea of taking a break from our regular routines as the days get longer and the weather gets warmer is a fantastic idea.  There is something encouraging about this time of year.  As an adult, I usually work during March Break.  That really is okay with me.  But maybe I need re-think how I can intentionally take a break from the usual.  For me, March Break holds great memories and reliving and sharing them brings a smile to my face.  I hope that today you also have a smile on your face, whether you spent this past week making new March Break memories or you are remembering memories from March Break’s of years past.

Sky Report at 9:30 am – blue sky with some clouds

Yarn Strands – light slate blue and white


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  1. allyjeanmac permalink

    I feel like we watched cooler TV shows too?! Not that Aunt Nore let us watch anything we weren’t allowed to Maam…

    It was definitely corn chips, Meg. To this day remains the best snack ever.

    I also remember the music they played, Phil Collins or I guess Genesis back then, Bruce Hornsby and the Range etc.. Again, to this day I think of their basement and the feeling I had there whenever I hear those two bands. And remember the next door neighbours owned a store of some sort and always had tons of candy in their garage? Specifically Easter Cream Eggs during March Break. I definitely ate too many of those! Oh, and the rope swing in the ditch behind their house?!

    So many good times.

    Funnily enough, from innocent memories also come memories of realizing you were ‘growing up’ since I also remember smelling marijuana for the first time too. Note I said ‘smell’ Maam, not tried! I didn’t know that it was that, until Vanessa (next door neighbour) told me. She was a bit older than me …

    I hadn’t thought of that in a long time Meg, thanks for reminding me. Gonna go put on a little Bruce Hornsby and the Range now. That’s just the way it is.. (Ha! Had to do it!).

  2. Maam permalink

    ….and after one of those Spring Break visits is when I first heard…”Black mambo, maam belam” or what ever it was. To this day if I happen to hear that song it brings that Dealtown connection.

  3. Maam permalink

    I know…it was “Black Betty, Bam Belam”. My brain cnnected better later this afternoon.

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