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Special Day – Theme Week

March 21, 2013

There is definitely a theme to this week’s posts – they are all about a specific special day.  And I didn’t even try.  I just keep hearing about it being some sort of “day” and I like the day it is.   Today is World Poetry Day.  My desire to share this with you might lead you to believe I write, read or recite poetry.  You would be mistaken.

poetry day

When I pause to consider poetry, I wish I liked it better, as it seems like a cool thing to say you read poetry.  It would be even cooler to be able to recite poetry.  Unfortunately, my personal experience with poetry is limited to (1) being able to recall a few lines from A.A. Milne (Half way down the stairs is the stair where I sit.  There isn’t any other stair quite like it.  It’s not at the bottom and it’s not a top.  So this is the stair where I always stop.) and (2) fond memories of writing poetry on the morning bus to high school on the morning the assignment was due.   Neither of these experiences fit with my mental image of embracing poetry.

Were I more motivated, I would have written a poem to honour this day, but I didn’t.  However, I will go read a poem or two – likely something by Shel Silverstein (  I’ll give a quick update tomorrow of what I read.

For more information about World Poetry Day visit this link:

I’d love if you added a comment and shared one of your favorite poems. poetry-day2

Sky Report in morning: overcast, scattered snow, but bright

Yarn Strands: white and rain


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One Comment
  1. Kristy permalink

    I also have never embraced poetry but find it interesting that the only book of poetry I could say I read was Shel Silverstein. I might just click on that link later 🙂

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