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oops I dropped a stitch

March 23, 2013

Okay so no more special days.  At least not this week.  But it was a fun and interesting run.  Well I thought so and I hope you thought so too.

Instead I’ll get back to writing about knitting.  A couple of days ago while knitting I thought I had dropped a stitch in my scarf.  It was right at the end of the row, the same end as all the yarn strands sit.  I had some trouble when I started the row and by the time I finished there was still blue in the stitch when I was knitting with white and grey.  I didn’t know what happened but I got rid of the blue and thought that this meant I had dropped a stitch.  As I’ve mentioned before, my knitting skills are limited and I really didn’t know how to fix this problem.  I kept knitting, thinking that one stitch didn’t matter anyway.  However, when the expert (my maam) was here today, I got her to inspect my work and she says all is well.  That said we aren’t 100% confident, as neither one of us can remember how many stitches I started with.  You might think that it would be easy to see if the recent two rows were a stitch shorter, but it’s not.  The way the extra strands of yarn wrap up the side makes it difficult to really see what is going on along that side.  This isn’t helped by the fact that I’m not doing such a perfect or pretty job of wrapping the yarn up the side.  But if you only look at the scarf from a distance you can’t really see this lack of quality.

So that’s my knitting story.  Sorry for the mis-leading subject line – I didn’t really drop a stitch, I only thought I did.

Sky Report at 10:00 – overcast

Yarn Strands: white and grey

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