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March 24, 2013

I’ve never considered myself a feminist.  The term seems to conjure up images of radical activists fighting for something.  But maybe I’m more of a feminist than I previously thought.  Earlier this month I wrote about International Women’s Day and ever since, have been pondering why this day is so important to me.  I still don’t have a clear answer.  But I do have two thoughts to pass along.

Thought number 1: The other day, I read the following quote:

“Compliments that men never receive: Spunky. Feisty. A real firecracker.” – Sarah Polley

How true that statement is.  I feel I try hard to treat men and women the same, especially in my workplace.  But I have been know to call someone a “sweet” girl”; words and a tone I would never use to describe a man.  Its caused me to reflect more on how our words and labels contribute to the way we think about women and men and their roles in society.

Thought number 2: A few years ago, a friend told me to notice at least one thing each day that made me happy.  I wasn’t very good at this and only wrote down a few ideas.  During that time there was a road construction project that I had to pass/navigate each day on the way to work.  One person working on this construction site was a woman who drove a roller machine.  Seeing this woman made me happy, and subsequently was one of the few things I added to that brief happy list (it was really in a small notebook 🙂 ) .  I never met this woman and the construction work has long been completed; but I think of her often.  She continues to inspire me and it gives me great joy to think about her and all the other women working in non-traditional careers.

So I’m still not comfortable with the term feminist, but I do want to work harder when choosing the words I use to describe  men and women and I will strive to encourage the girls and women I cross paths with to know that they can do and be anything they want.

Sky Report at 9:30 am – overcast but bright

Yarn Strands: white and rain


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  1. Christine permalink

    “A feminist is anyone who recognizes the equality and full humanity of women and men.”
    ― Gloria Steinem
    I’m a feminist and proud of it!

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