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I’m not on Facebook

March 25, 2013

It seems like almost everyone I know has a Facebook profile.  I don’t.  This fact is not rooted in some deep moral belief or philosophical ideal.  I’m usually slow to embrace new technology and related ideas; and Facebook was an example of that.  Then after awhile, I realized that if I has gone this long without it, I didn’t really need it.  Of course there have been some moments when I gave joining Facebook serious consideration; but decided I would be okay without knowing what random people from high school are doing, who is having a baby at work, or seeing photos from everyone’s events.

In the past week, my lack of Facebook use has given me pause.  First (which really happened second), we have been stumped on level one, item one of a new game we downloaded onto our IPad.  The category was “brand” and we had the following image as a clue thumbs-up .   Russell’s 15 year old niece was over last night and got in an instant.  Our lack of Facebook activity meant we really aren’t familiar with the “like” icon.  Apparently, not being on Facebook is limiting my ability to be success at IPad games.

Second, last week there was a radio discussion about Facebook’s future.  The on-line technical expert guy, said he wasn’t worried about Facebook’s long term popularity as people want a forum to express themselves and in today’s society that involves technology.  So either Facebook or Twitter or some other way they share their ideas and experiences.  And then I thought “maybe I blog because I’m not on Facebook”.  Maybe for me blogging fills the same need to share part of myself and my life with others.  I’m just using a different mechanism.

So I have no plans to join Facebook this week or next week for that matter, but all things in life serve a purpose or fill a need in our lives or we wouldn’t do them.  That purpose might be a number of things: winning games, connecting with others, or sharing part of ourselves.

Sky Report at 10:00 am – overcast

Yarn Strands: grey and white


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