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Actions to be Happier

March 29, 2013

Bring on the Blue!  It is a beautiful sunny day and I just knit by rows with lovely blue yarn.  It was very exciting after a week of grey and white.

I’ve talked a lot about happiness, and recently came across this article about 22 Things Happy People Do Differently  .  I’m often frustrated when I’m trying to learn a new way of thinking about being.  If you talk to someone who naturally exhibit that trait or behaviour and ask them for tips about how they do it; they can’t tell you.  I think the definition of a ‘habit’ is something you do without thinking.  Similarly when someone has a natural gift or trait, they can’t tell you how they do it – they just do and can’t break it down into specific steps or skills.  So the challenge is finding a person who has had to learn to exhibit the trait or behaviour and ask them how they did it.  Sometimes you have to ask many people before you find this person who is thinking about the habit consciously.  If you are trying to be a happier person, it helps to have some specific actions to work on.  This article includes a list of some specific steps to take to be happier.  I don’t know that they are based in scientific research, but they seemed to make sense to me.

A wise man at work recently reminded me that ‘happy’ is a generally an illusive unattainable goal; that said, we can do things to be ‘happier’.  As you think about your life, your behaviours, your choices, etc. it is rare that one thing can make you completely ‘happy’; so instead just work on being ‘happier’.

If you are someone who is naturally happy – that is fantastic – how many of the actions in the article are things you do?  If you are someone who is working on being happier – keep it up – use the article to help you identify actions to help you on that path.

Enjoy the sunshine!

Sky Report at 10:00 am – blue, with a few clouds near the horizon

Yarn Strands: light slate blue and rain


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