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The People Who Shape Us

March 31, 2013

For some people, reading the subject of this post, conjures up images of a significant mentor, a key teacher, or other important person that played a key role in their life by sharing wisdom or insight.  While there have been people who fit that definition and image in my life; I am continuously thankful for the many people who been “there” for some much of my life.  These are not necessarily people who have played large or significant roles in my life, but rather people who have just always been there.  Whose friendship, laughter, and daily life have been an example for  me.  For me, many of these people are a connection through my church.  I’ve had the opportunity to be part of the same church for most of my life; which likely contributes to this experience.   It is in this place, that I encounter many of these people.

It’s the woman who is 15 years my senior, who no longer lives in this province, but whose parents have been family friends forever.  I spoke with her briefly this morning and shared a laugh or two.  But she is also the women who when I was 11 or 12, let me spend time caring for her infant daughter as part of my “babysitter course training day”.

It’s the woman in her 80’s who holds your hand whenever she talks to you.  And whose husband today, in response to the comment “you look great” about his wife, said “that’s why I married her”.   Their many years of love and marriage is a quiet inspiration to many.

It’s the 16 year old boys, who I taught Sunday School to years ago, who clean up after the Easter Breakfast and are just all around good kids.  They give me hope for future generations.

It’s the 3 year old who loves turtles and never forgets the bible story the next week, even though he doesn’t really like to listen to the story.   He is a unique and interesting person, who always makes me smile.

These people all shape me.  Mostly in small ways, just be being themselves, they shape me.   They likely don’t realize it, as they don’t fit the definition of a friend – they don’t come to my house, I don’t call them to check in, we don’t spend large amounts of time together.  Yet they impact me, thinking of these moments makes me smile, and I’m better because our lives cross paths.

Some might say we should let people know when they impact us and shape our lives.  But I’m not sure that is necessary.  Maybe the point of this is realizing that just as we impacted by others, we never know who we are impacting. Just as each of these people shape me; I too am shaping others.  That’s part of life.  And I could choose to be overwhelmed by this truth about life; worry about being a “better person, since people are watching”; but I’m not going to.  Instead I’m going to just revel in the amazingness of this reality.  As it’s pretty awesome, isn’t it?

Sky Report in morning: overcast

Yarn Strands: grey and white

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