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improvement vs change

April 3, 2013

For a while I had a slip of paper posted over my desk that said “All improvement is change; but not all change is improvement”.   My job involves both monitoring quality and identify ways to enhance quality.  Neither of these activities is particularly popular – most people don’t enjoy having their actions reviewed (the quality assurance part) and enhancing quality (the quality improvement part) generally means change.  Knowing how most people feel about change, I work hard at making sure any suggested change is really improvement not just change.

But I would also benefit from having this statement posted somewhere central in the rest of my life as well.  I don’t really know where that would be, but I think you get what I’m saying.  However, I need to have it front of me for very different reasons.  I find change challenging, especially in my personal life.  But I also value improvement and progress.  So I need to constantly remind myself that these two things are contradictory values.  I can’t have improvement without change – “all improvement is change”.   I think many people struggle with these two conflicting/contradictory values.  Maybe making a sign for yourself will help you manage these tensions.

Sky Report at 10:15 – it was a snow squall at my house

Yarn Strands: grey and white


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