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Do something you wouldn’t normally do

April 7, 2013

Everyone once in a awhile it is good do something you wouldn’t normally do.  Today I went to see the Monster Trucks.   It was a great day.  I’m sure it helped that I took in this event with 8 other great people.  And none of us were “hard core” Monster Truck lovers, so the balance between enjoying the event and making fun of the event was similar for all.

About 3 years ago, a friend of mine had a summer of new experiences.  She committed to trying and doing new things.  I shared a few of those experiences with her and they were great.  At a minimum, doing things you wouldn’t normally do gives you something to talk about with others.  A change in routine, whatever it is, provides an interesting answer to the question “what’s new?”; a question we seem to all too frequently ask each other; to which the response is very often “not much”.

So, yep it was loud and yep it was a bit cheesy, but it was also lots of fun.  I’m not saying I’ll do it again next year or really ever again in my life.  But I can say with confidence, that I’ll always remember the day we went to see the Monster Trucks and we will talk and laugh about this day often in the coming months and years.  Really what more can you ask for in life.   And if in the next few days you ask me “what’s new?”, I will tell you all about the Monster Trucks.

monster trucks2

Sky Report at 10:00 (on the drive to Hamilton): grey and overcast

Yarn Strands: grey and white


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  1. chacha permalink

    Monster trucks is a very fun “new thing”. Would love to hear about it.

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