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Knitting Update

April 8, 2013

So I am taking the easy way out today and just doing a quick knitting update.  But I know some of you are interesting hearing about and seeing how the scarf is coming.  The scarf is about 2 feet long.  I could have measured but the measuring tape wasn’t close by.  Russell provided the more actuate estimate of length, as I was going to tell you it was almost as long as my arm.

As you can guess it has been great to add some blue into the scarf lately.  And tonight, once again, I spent a bit of time untangling the yarn strands.  The ball of “rain” coloured yarn was already started when I began using it, and since it’s a frequent colour I am worried about running out of it.  I have looked a couple of times for another ball.  However, tonight I realized that I’ve been looking for it in the wrong brand of yarn.  It’s not Astra like many of the others, but rather Bernat Cashmere.  I’m going to have write that down in a notebook so that I remember the next time I am in a store.

I continue to find it challenging to pay attention to the sky at 10:00 am.  Today I had to ask Russell and my sister what they thought the sky looked like at 10:00.  I was confident there was blue, as it was bright in the office this morning, but I was less confident of whether or not their were clouds.  Remember how early on we were all watching the sky?  I need to find a way to become that attentive again.

All in all, the project is going well.  This photo was taken tonight just after I finished today’s knitting.  A shout out to my sister for helping hold it up for the photo shoot.

scarf - april 8

Sky Report (as determined by consensus): sunny with some fluffy clouds

Yarn Strands: light denim blue and white


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