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Would you cook if you couldn’t eat?

April 9, 2013

Late last week Roger Ebert died.  Most of us know Roger Ebert as a film critic and associate his name with Gene Siskel.  Bigger fans may be familiar with his specific movie picks and know about the changes in his life brought about by cancer.  This morning I heard on the radio someone sharing about his love of food.  That he continued to cook and prepare food even though he hasn’t been able to eat since 2006.   It made me think: “Would I cook, if I couldn’t eat?”.  I don’t think that I would.  I don’t love cooking, but I do enjoy baking.  But I’m not sure I love baking so much that I would keep doing it when I couldn’t enjoy some of it myself.  For how long do you remember the taste of something?  They say smell can trigger very realistic memories, maybe the smell of food would be enough to remember the taste and experience of eating that food.  I have also tried to think about other things you do or could do even though you don’t or can’t enjoy the fruits of your labor.  I didn’t come with anything compelling.  Something to think about and if come up with something please let me know.  And feel free to answer the question “Would you cook if you couldn’t eat?”

For info about Roger Ebert click here.

For an article about Roger’s love of food click here.

Sky Report at 10:00 am – overcast and grey

Yarn Strands: grey and white


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One Comment
  1. lindai permalink

    I really don’t think I would.. and I like cooking.

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