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Life is Bigger and Better than TV and Movies

April 10, 2013

There was a point several years ago when in our house we watched a lot of teenage girl movies.  Examples include: She’s All That, Bring it On, Save the Last Dance, Ever After, The Prince & Me, and my all time favourite Chasing Liberty.  (ANd I didn’t get into the list from when I was a teenager).  These movies are an entertaining way to spend a couple of hours.  And despite the intended target market, generally appeal to women of all ages (although Russell has perhaps seem them more times than I have).  At the end you feel warm and happy and generally hopeful about life.  But they aren’t reality.  They aren’t even close to reality.  I remember wondering at one point, if the fact that most movies and tv shows with a teenage girl in it, also included the teenage girl’s male best friend; meant that all girls thought they should have a male best friend.  I don’t know many girls/women who had a male best friend in reality.   On a similar note, I have also heard that on tv and movies the size of most character’s apartments/house is well beyond their income.  Pay attention to the number of people living in large spacious loft apartments who work random low paying jobs.

I think sometimes that TV and movies are warping our sense of reality and really happens in life.  Seldom do we have the heart wrenching or heart warming magical family conversations and dinners we see in movies.  Instead we have many family dinners that over time and events lead to traditions and shared memories.  Seldom is there that one magical moment of true love where the guy says all the right things.  But many of us have a significant person who we share our lives with and say and do things that on a daily basis demonstrate their love for us.  Movies and TV shows edit out the slow, regular, every day parts of live.   They narrow life to being about 6 close friends who never seem to go to work.  For most of us are lives are filled with many, many friends and people who care about us.   And while there are seldom the moments seen on TV and movies, life is made up of a series of tiny moments that come together to form a life well-lived.  Life is bigger and better than a movie or TV show; it just takes longer.  Today another blogger  (who I recently started following) posted today a blow about how life isn’t a movie; it rang so true to me that I thought I would share it with you and elaborate on it as well.

Again for those of you who don’t love to follow the links, I’ve pasted the blog below.

Sky Report at 10:25 – grey but not really raining at this point.

Yarn Strands: white and grey

We are not living in a movie

We’re not even living in a lousy reality show.

Entertainment has seduced us into believing that we have a chance to live the life they live in the movies. Even the people in the movies don’t live that life.

It doesn’t take 135 minutes to make a life, it takes almost a century.

Everything doesn’t depend on what happens in the next ninety seconds. Ever.

The people around us don’t live secret lives. Spaceships and evil cowboys and pathogens aren’t going to upend the world tomorrow, either.

Life is actually far better than it is in the movies. And it takes longer.


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