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Further reflections on stopping things

April 14, 2013

A week or so ago, I shared the idea of stopping things Thursdays; I’ve got some addition thoughts to share on this idea.  The original idea proposed by Bob Goff was to stop doing something/say no to something at least once a week.  He would say this creates room in your life to do, try, experience something else.   As I said in the previous post, I fully agree with this logic, if our lives don’t have any “give” because we have made them too full, we miss out on things.

Over the past couple of days I’ve added a new layer to the idea of ‘stopping things Thursday’ (or whatever day of the week you prefer).  Sometimes we need to stop doing something for a time, so that the joy in doing it comes back.   Sometimes activities that once filled us with joy and happiness, start to become a chore on our ‘to do lists’.  We feel obligated or pressured to do them; they feel like something we have to do rather than something we choose to do.  I think this is another way to apply the “stop something” principle in our lives.  Taking a break helps us remember why we started doing that activity in the first place; taking a break and then starting something again can break a cycle of monotony and help us experience something like it was the first time; taking  a break helps us think about whether or not the activity is something we want to do again in the same way or a different way.

The moral of today’s post: “Don’t let the activities that bring you joy turn into things you feel you have to do. Take a break.”

Sky Report for Thursday at 10:00 – overcast but not really raining in London

Yarn Strands: grey and white

Sky Report for Friday at 10:00ish – rain

Yarn Strands: two grey

Sky Report for Saturday at 10:10 – overcast but kind of bright – it was an oddly bright point in the day

Yarn Strands: grey and rain

Sky Report for Sunday at 10:00ish – lots of clouds but between the clouds spots of bright bright blue sky.

Yarn Strands: white and I’m checking to see if I have a new bright blue


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