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April 15, 2013

It’s been a long time since I had a “knitting as a metaphor for life” post.  Okay, Okay, that isn’t an official category on my blog (maybe some day), but I do feel like there have been a number of posts, especially early on, in which I compared an aspect of knitting to something else in life.  Today it’s tension.

One of my weaknesses as a knitter, is that I have trouble maintaining a constant tension.  Unlike in the rest of my life, where I tend to always be tense (just ask my massage therapist friends); when it comes to knitting, I’m rather inconsistent.  I like my knitting to be tight but sometimes it gets a bit too tight.  In response to the “too tight” knitting, I often swing too far the other way and end up with tight sections and loose sections in my knitting.  Luckily scarfs and stockings are very forgiving and with a pull here and a tug there, the two extremes can be brought closer to each other.

And this is where the metaphor (or is it a simile) comes in.  In most knitting it is best to have a consistent and middle of the road level of tension.  The same is true of life.  Constantly contracting our muscles (i.e., creating tension) isn’t good for them, but neither is never contracting or using our muscles.  Having a life with no tension or stress can be just as problematic as a life with too much tension.  My mum tells me that weaving the yarn through your other fingers (see the images below) will help with maintaining a good level of tension when knitting.  Unfortunately, I’m not sure what the equivalent would be in the rest of life to help manage tension.

Sky Report around 10:00 am – blue sky and sunshine

Yarn Strands: light denim blue and light slate blue (the two blues)

yarn tension2


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