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‘dig for worms’

April 20, 2013

On this unfortunately snowy April day, I’m going to talk about digging for worms.   This is not because I did that today, as I didn’t.  Rather, once again I’m passing along an idea I heard someone else talking about.

Now personally, I don’t feel any need to dig for worms.  I’m not a fisherperson and have no real need to dig for worms.  And despite being a farm girl, the thought of touching a worm grosses me out.  But I am a gardener and as a gardener, understand the value of worms.  Worms are an important part of having healthy soil.  They are natural aerators as they wiggle their way through the ground.  And while I don’t remember all the details of high school biology worm digestive systems and dissection, I know worms also play a role in breaking down organic matter and turning it into nutrient rich soil.

The person I heard talking about this, basically said, to get to the good stuff we have to dig for worms.  We have to be willing to get dirty and do the hard work of digging into the ground to find the worms (aka good stuff).   Maybe it’s a bit of a stretch to call this a deep thought.  But similar to the Leonard Cohen quote from a few days a good, crack let in the light and digging in the dirt is required to get to the good worms.

Sky Report at 10:00 – snowing

Yarn Strands: two white


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