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Forever Young

April 23, 2013

What do you do that makes you feel young?

During the Juno awards on Sunday night, the Tenors say a version of Bob Dylan’s song Forever Young.  I obviously wasn’t listening carefully as I didn’t realize this is not exactly the same song at Rod Stewart’s Forever Young.   So last night while listening to the Tenors, I was thinking about Rod Stewart.  For many of us, Rod Stewart’s Forever Young is associated with either an elementary school or high school or maybe even post secondary school memory.  It is the quintessential slide show song; prominently featured in several of my year-end high school slide shows.   As I listened to the song, both versions include the lyrics “may you stay forever young”, I thought about what ‘staying forever young’ means.  I didn’t have an answer.

Last night I figured it out.

When I ride a bike I feel young.  The years strip away, and as I’m coasting down a slope with the wind in my hair, I feel fantastic.  Getting out the bike for the first time after a long winter is a magical day.  There is nothing quite like going for a leisurely bike ride as the sun sets during the long evenings of spring.  Getting out the bike as a kid meant a new level of freedom.  We could go farther and faster on a bike than we ever could get walking.  Few kids initiate going for a walk by themselves; but hundreds of kids ask to go for a bike ride.   Second to coasting down a hill while “standing up” on my bike, is riding no hands.  The early morning paper route I had for several years, enabled me to perfect the skill of biking with no hands on the empty side streets in the small town where I grew up.  When I bike with no hands, I am transported back to those days when going no hands for a few seconds represented success and doing for an entire street was incredible.  Riding a bike makes me forget how old I am, forget all the other “stuff” that as adults we can get bogged down with; forget whatever else is on my mind.  Riding a bike makes me feel young – forever young – Bob Dylan, The Tenors, or Rod Stewart young.

What do you do that makes you feel young?

Sky Report in morning: sunny and clear

Yarn Strands: the two blues


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  1. Marni Herold permalink

    2 cartwheels a day for the past week has been making me feel young (although also a little old at the beginning)….it also really impresses the kids!

  2. kristy schlegel permalink

    Marni, 2 cartwheels per day?!?! Way to work through the pain! I am more of a swing girl. It is hard for me to pass up a swing ride (my kids are more unimpressed that I require a turn)

  3. That is a fantastic example and I’m really impressed by the daily cartwheels. But I’m curious – why 2 per day?

    • It has also been brought to my attention that there is yet a third song called “Forever Young”. This song by Alphaville was also included in some high school slide shows. And so now I’m a bit confused as to which one I was thinking about. Perhaps a combination of them all.

    • Marni Herold permalink

      Oh no reason Megan…I guess because after I did one I thought “really? Can I really stil do that?”

  4. kim permalink

    mine is way less active – playing barbies! and Megan you would be very impressed to know that there have been naked barbies laying out for a few days now… i am improving!

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