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Baby Chicks

April 24, 2013

Not all of you may be aware, but one of my other ‘hobbies’ is raising laying hens.  Meg’s Eggs provides farm fresh eggs to many people.  One of the best parts of this ‘hobby’ is that each year we have 100 tiny baby chicks.  The chicks arrived last night (courtesy of Frey’s Hatchery in St. Jacobs) and are oh so cute.  Baby chicks, like most babies, grow up quickly.  The stay small and fuzzy for only a few days.  Baby chicks remind us to Carpe Diem.  If you don’t take the time to enjoy them before you know it they will be all grown up.  And you will have missed the magic of watching them run around the coop, and having them gently peck at your boot, and holding their soft little bodies in the palm of your hand.

Here are a couple of pictures – the second one of the chick with the spiky hair is Ezra’s (our golden retriever) chicken, as he picked it up to feel it’s soft little body too.  Don’t worry all 100 chicks are still alive and well.

chicks day1ezra's chick

P.S. Having 100 chicks is a better option than having just 1 chick.  As I learned  years ago, you can’t have “a chicken”.

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  1. Laura permalink

    I feel like I need to advocate for the chicks and suggest that Ezra shouldn’t play with them if it involves putting them in or near his mouth!

  2. lindai permalink

    ah.. no, you can’t have a chicken. But I often think of our friend, JellyBean, when Easter rolls around.

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