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when will spring come?

April 25, 2013

I don’t mean to harp so much on the weather, but as we all know it is a Canadian past-time.   But really when is spring going to come?  Perhaps we were spoiled by last year’s early and warm spring.  My experience was helped by spending a week in Vancouver last April, where there was sunshine and beautiful cherry blossoms.  But now I’m weather confused, is the arrival of spring this year “normal” or actually “late”?  All I know is that today it feels like spring might never come.   Two weeks ago we had freezing rain and ice.  This past Saturday there was snow.  Tonight there were thunderstorms with some sort of snow-like pellets.  I can accept that April showers bring May flowers; but April snow just isn’t fun at all.  I know someone will want to tell me a story about snow in May, and I have some too; but I’m pretty sure there was always some “spring” before that.  I’m still waiting for the daffodils, and tulips, and forsythia to bloom.  If you have any inside information, please only share it if it is positive.

Sky Report in morning: mix of sun and cloud – If only I were knitting the sky based on a 5:00 report as then I could have added in dark grey due to the thunderstorm that rolled through.

Yarn Strands: blue and grey


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