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Moving Sucks

April 29, 2013

I was going to make the subject line “Getting Old Sucks”; but I realized that without the moving, I wouldn’t have the aches and pains and it wouldn’t matter if I was getting old.  So really the root of the issue is that “moving sucks”.

Now for those of you who use this blog as an indirect way of staying caught up on my life, no I didn’t move.  I still live in the same place.  On Sunday I helped someone else move.  To be more specific about my negative feelings: moving someone else sucks.  In general, moving isn’t fun; it involves lifting awkward and often heavy items; in my recent experience it included too many stairs; and it usually involves cleaning – either as you leave or as you arrive and sometimes both.  I’m sure there are many more ways that moving sucks.  Moving someone else sucks even more, as unfortunately free beer and pizza can’t really compensate for the fact that when you move someone else you don’t get any of the positives associated with the excitement and magic that comes with the new house/apartment/living location.  Cause having a new place is full of expectation and possibilities and it a bit magical.  So moving someone else, when you are closer to 40 than 20 and feel the aches and pains for a day or two afterwards, is clearly an indication that you really love that person.

Sky Report at 10:oo – raining and grey

Yarn Strands: two grey


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