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Seasonal Goals

May 3, 2013

Do you set goals?  What is the time frame associated with your goals?  I think too often we set goals that are far to0 long – a year or several years in the future is a very long time.  One book I read, recommended that we think in 4-6 month blocks.  I find this to be a bit more realistic.  If I can’t accomplish something in 4 months, it’s either too big and I should break it down, or it isn’t the right time in my life, or it just really wasn’t that important a goal in the first place.  That said, despite the title, I can’t say that I set new goals every season.  But it is pretty common for me to have goals for the summer.  I don’t always accomplish everything on the goal list.  So this summer I’m going to apply the things I tell people in the section on goals in a workshop I do for work.  Practices that lead to goal achievement include: (1) writing them down; (2) making a realistic plan that includes breaking them down; (3) using the SMART model which includes being specific; and (4) getting others involved in the process.  I think I’ll write them down in a notebook (as I do have a few extra floating around).  This warm weather has inspired me to think about summer and the things I want to do.   What are your summer goals?

Sky Report at 10:oo – blue sky.  Did you notice the amazing looking large wispy clouds in the sky around 3:30-4:00?  They were really cool.

Yarn Strands: light denim blue and light slate blue


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One Comment
  1. sue permalink

    You inspire me, I think I’ll do that and jot some ‘summer’ goals down this evening! Thanks Meg.

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