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It’s been a hard day…

May 8, 2013

The last couple of days have been filled with more instances of me learning about really crappy things happening to people I know than should happen in one 24 hour period.  It’s been a hard day to stay positive.  It’s been a hard day not to feel overwhelmed by the inability to do anything to help in any of these situations.   It’s not that I don’t think crappy things can or should happen, it’s just that I feel they shouldn’t happen all at once.

As I reflect on the past day or so, it’s hard not to let the crappy things overshadow the good things.  And while the good things can’t seem to counter health worries, employment challenges, and horrible events; I’m really trying hard to remember that in a world with all those things, there are also people celebrating their new Canadian citizenship, tulips in the garden, and people who will pray about all those crappy stuff.

I don’t know what is happening your life today, because while some of you have said this blog helps you feel connected to what is going on with me, I don’t have a similar benefit.  But I hope that the crappy things haven’t overwhelmed or overshadowed the good things.  And if they have, it’s okay and good to spend a few minutes thinking about the good things while you are praying about the crappy things.

Sky Report: I didn’t look at 10 – but the day had lots of cloud – but still no rain.

Yarn Strands: grey and light slate blue


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